When you weight your plastic bait with The Gonad™ you solve all sorts of problems.

Plastic baits are almost perfect in many ways, yet they have serious limitations when rigged with existing rigging methods.

•  Typical rigging/weighting presents an unnatural swim,
   dive and die action
•  They are prone to snags, especially when wacky
•  Larger lures require huge hooks
•  Worst of all, the fish know what to avoid

Watch fish strike on a tube with the GONAD™


Plastic baits can now swim like the real thing.

Weighting your bait with the GONAD creates 

a simple rig that can change the way you fish.

Predator fish attack the dying action of the GONAD™

When you kill the bait - when rigged with the GONAD™

it's a natural fluttery, horizontal dying descent.


     How to rig the GONAD™ on a fluke

    The World's Best:

    • Soft jerk bait presentation, ready for all fish hide-outs
    • Kill action
    • Hook-ups with plastic bait
    • Weedless wacky rig
    • Natural dying action

     No More Limits To:

    • Hook sizes
    • Where you can fish, with which types of baits
    • Crawling over rocks
    • Fishing depths
    • Speed of descent
    • Punching through all sorts of cover
    • The tricks lures can do, like death roll, reverse swim and dead stick

    How can anything be so simple, and yet provide so much value??

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